Professional Book and Ebook Cover Design Services


Professional Book and Ebook Cover Design Services.

We are experts in designing professional books and ebooks covers, from novels to technical essays, from corporate reports to product catalogs, the one stop solution for all your needs, at the best price in the market.

Who We Are

We are Designers, Artists, Experts

Our experience comes from over 12 years of online business, design and the book market. We work in over 10 countries around the world at the service of authors, publishing houses of all sizes and companies. We are designers, we are artists, we are experts.

Our Creative Process: 3 simple steps from the idea to the result!

Our brainstorming step is crucial to focus the final result, but we guarantee all the reworks necessary to meet your expectations.
We care about it, like you.

Professional Book and Ebook Cover Design Services

First step: Briefing and Brainstorming

In the brainstorming phase, we use email, chat and videocall to be able to communicate better and in real time. Following innovative co-creation procedures.

Professional Book and Ebook Cover Design Services

Second Step: Creating Design Proposals

Based on the previous brainstorming, we will create 3 cover proposals to propose to you, we will identify one to continue on.

Professional Book and Ebook Cover Design Services

Third Step: Corrections and Finalization

At this stage, we will deliver the final version of the cover and once finished, we will give you the file ready for printing.

What we can do for You

The perfect cover for all your projects.

These are just examples of the covers we know how to make, do you want to see more?

Book Cover Design Sample
Professional Guide Cover Design Sample
Fantasy Book Cover Design Sample
Travel Book Guide Cover Design Sample
Financial Report Cover Design Sample

Technical Books or Ebook Covers? We’ve got you covered!

Over the years, in addition to covers for fiction books, we have created covers for many technical books and ebooks, from economic and financial essays, to technical manuals for staff training, up to company reports for internal and external use.

The covers for essays and technical manuals, such as those for reports, are significantly different from those of fiction, responding to different needs, requiring an expert and capable hand.

In recent months we have worked with a shared mobility startup, an import export company and a company that works with stainless steel, for their reports, catalogs and technical manuals.

Take a look at our collection of pre-designed technical covers.

Essay Books Covers

Let’s build together the cover that enhances your knowledge.

Technical Books Covers

A cover that simplifies complexity and encourages purchase.

Reports Covers

A cover that expresses authority, competence and integrity.

Do you want to know more?

You’re welcome, feel free to contact us for an instant feedback, or read our FAQ.