About Us (and you).

We are Designers, Artists, Experts

We are a passionate design collective, and our experience comes from over 12 years of online business, design and the book market.
We work in over 10 countries around the world at the service of authors, publishing houses of all sizes and companies.
We design professional books and ebooks covers, from novels to technical essays, from corporate reports to product catalogs, the one stop solution for all your needs, at the best price in the market.

Our headquarters are based in the sunny Italy, where we have two offices: one at the gates of Rome and another one in Pavia, along the banks of the Ticino river.

From our offices we work with collaborators and designers alla round the world, this also guarantees us a continuous contamination in terms of creativity, design and approach.

A curious news is that both CoverPro founders have worked for years in a bookstore in Rome, one of them wrote his first essay in 2010, and is now writing another one in spare time.

This is the “About” page. But the question you have to ask yourself is “about whom”? We could write thousands of words about who we are and what we love to do.

But we would like to focus on what you love to do. If you are on this site, it is probably “writing”.

Just like us, we love to create spectacular graphics so your book has the value it deserves. So that you have that satisfaction of sweating. A cover that communicates something and makes a book glimpse in the eyes of those who love to read, is priceless. It’s exactly for this reason that we have decided to create this site. The cover of your ebook must be unique, for you and for your readers. We can and want to help you create something priceless. Something that resonates over time.

Start to create something that makes your book unique. Just like you.

Now stop talking about us, it’s your turn, tell us about your editorial project, we can’t wait to help you make it happen.